Dear Sara, I usually don't write letters to professionals; after all I paid them to do their job. In most cases, they meet my expectation and get the job done. However, after out third case together, I feel as though I have no choice but to give you a tangible "Thank You." Your work in Johanna's cases was excellent; your vehement defense of her innocence was something special to witness. Your 4th amendment knowledge and cross examining skills, catching the officer in his lies was excellent. I have been in many court rooms, but never have I seen a judge make a recommendation on how the prosecutor could keep a case open when he was ready to dismiss the case. Even in this pugilistic environment you prevailed. Your second case for Johanna could have detrimental to her future, and yet you worked out deal for her that kept her record clean and future in tact. Our latest dealing for my mother Virginia's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was one of the smoothest legal processes I've ever participated in. I know my mother's nervousness can be infuriating with her consistently asking the same questions over and over, but how you were able to put her mind at ease was truly spectacular. I'm sure just talking with her was far more difficult than the case itself. I'll continue to refer your services whenever I come across someone who is need of a quality attorney. I'll contact you again when the revamping of our site is completed, I'll be my pleasure to list your law firm as a recommended attorney for all our visitors. Keep up the good work. it's rarity in today's world. Sincerely, John Burchardt, CEO LocalHomesForSale.com

John Burchardt, CEO LocalHomesForSale.com
Jason HS

I have known attorney Sara Gray for several years and have used her professional services extensively. Her firm's attention to detail and honest advice have proven invaluable to myself, my friends, and my family time and again. Sara has guided me through several complex problems, and I would recommend anyone who is uncertain about the right steps to take in a legal situation to seek her advice. Whether your issue is a DUI or a real estate transaction, Sara Gray is the best there is in the Joliet area.

Carlos Tinoco

My family and I have used Sara J Gray for all of our legal needs for the past 10 years. We have all found Attorney Sara Gray to be very reliable, courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable. Thanks Sara for your professionalism and help. Visions Signs, Inc. 24758 W Eames Street Channahon, Illinois 60410 (815) 530-0870 - Cell carlos@visionssignsinc.com

Carlos Tinoco visionssignsinc.com